Auto Paint

May 6, 2016

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Auto Paint in Delray Beach

A vehicles paint is the first impression presented to the public. Damage to your vehicles paint can sometimes be unavoidable and can happen due to different situations such as: driving/road conditions, a small hit by an object such as a shopping cart or car door, or a collision with another car or object. Small cracks or dings in the paint can become rusty and deteriorate further, so it is important to have these areas worked on to prevent future situations. Finding a dependable team to handle any paint job with precision and care is very important. The technicians at the Ed Morse Delray Collision center are highly trained and use only the latest computerized technology to ensure a flawless finish and proper color match to your vehicles finish.

At the Ed Morse Delray Collision center, the technicians working in our paint department will first clean the surface that’s to be painted for a smooth, flawless primer application. Next the surface will have primer applied to it before any color goes on and the prepping for the paint application is completed. Color is applied in one of our down draft paint booths which introduce air from the ceiling that gets exhausted through the floor, pulling away dust or objects that may flaw a paint job. We only use the latest quality products and computerized technology to produce paint matching to the original factory finish. Our automotive paint department is equipped with 1 paint prep stations as well as 3 down draft paint booths to ensure a quality finish on all vehicles. We handle and take care of all of your automotive paint needs from a touch up, to painting a panel, including full body refinishes.

Having paint work done on your vehicle should be hassle free. Give us a call today!

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